Creation of resonant energy-efficient installation for the certification tests of domestic cables with modern insulation on high and ultra-high voltages

Electric circuit diagrams and technical solutions, which improve technology formation of low-frequency ultrahigh voltages (up to 500 kV) for certified tests of power cables with modern po-lymeric insulation on voltages to 330 kV are developed.
Circuit diagrams and solutions are based on practical realization of a power series resonant contour with adjustable precision Q-factor (Q ≈ 40) in the test installation that provides formation of resonant test voltages with instability ≤ 1 %.

It is created the mathematical and physical models of the test installation as well as a tech-nique of definition of the conditions providing parametrical stability of installation to critical modes of electric breakdown of insulation of a test cable or other element of a discharge circuit. It is de-termined the optimal modes of qualifying tests for ultrahigh-voltage cables with cross-linked polye-thylene insulation and admissible change ranges such modes, at which the electric power consump-tion from supply network is less in 20-40 times than power, which test cable transmits.

Precision regulation of test voltage, parametrical defense of installation and network of power supply from critical modes at breakdown of test cable insulation as well as effective restriction of extraneous high-frequency influences provide measurement of level of partial charges in cable insu-lation with accuracy ± 1 picocoulomb.

Енергоефективна установка для випробувань надвисоковольтних кабелів
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