Development, improvement, management and estimation environmental sustainability and safety of industrial territorial entities as systems with closed loops

The techniques of complex assessment of resource efficiency, impact on environment and safety of different scale objects and systems are developed for effective decision making and management. Indicators for environmental component assessment of sustainable development of the regions of Ukraine and their vulnerability to environmental threats are proposed including resource efficiency and carbon intensity criteria. Complex analysis of environmental component is carried out in sustainable development dimensions for regions and macroregions of Ukraine. The profile analysis of regional environmental sustainability is presented.
The computer programs "Software complex of product life cycle impact assessment" (registration certificate number 60817) and "The automated system of safety evaluation of industrial enterprises" (registration certificate number 60818) are developed.

Industrial systems based on semi-closed and closed production flows are improved. Novel technological processes of neutralization of dust and gas emissions are developed.

The effective synergistic composition of volatile corrosion inhibitors based on organic compounds of plant raw materials, which provide a high degree of protection to the atmospheric conditions, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Due to the composition of a multicomponent mixture and the synergistic action of its basic components, provided firstly a prolonged protective effect, and secondly a protective effect aftereffect. The use of inhibitors provides an increase in economic efficiency of enterprises, as to minimize the degree of metal corrosion damage during transport to the customer in Ukraine, imports abroad, or during storage, enhances the competitive ability of steel.

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