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Development of on-line platform for analysis and scenario planning of sustainable development of Ukrainian regions in the context of quality and security of people's life

The purpose of the work is to increase the completeness and effectiveness of analytical and information support of the management decision-making process (in the form of mid-term and long-term strategies and sequences of government actions) aimed at ensuring the sustainable development of regions and Ukraine, as complex socio economic objects, expense of developing new and improving existing systems analysis, big data mining, foresight, scenario planning and management and online platform for their application in situation center mode.

Development, improvement, management and estimation environmental sustainability and safety of industrial territorial entities as systems with closed loops

The techniques of complex assessment of resource efficiency, impact on environment and safety of different scale objects and systems are developed for effective decision making and management. Indicators for environmental component assessment of sustainable development of the regions of Ukraine and their vulnerability to environmental threats are proposed including resource efficiency and carbon intensity criteria. Complex analysis of environmental component is carried out in sustainable development dimensions for regions and macroregions of Ukraine.

Development of tools for the analysis of sustainable development of municipalities

A model of integrated quantitative evaluation of sustainable development of the municipality is created using the procedure of building a system of indicators in accordance with the program-oriented approach, including the coordination of data and methods of constructing composite indicators, methods for identifying critical indicators, etc. To work with the model’s data information subsystem for collecting, processing and storage of data is developed.

Development of tools for building complex multicomponent models

A toolkit for building multi-component models of complex evaluation of sustainable development was created. Tools developed as part of the intellectual system of data processing of World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development and interacts with other components of information analytical system of World Data Center. User interface based on thin client that provides an interactive graphical tool for constructing models and visualization of distributed multidisciplinary information and providing tools for its analysis was implemented.

Research methods and models of sustainable development and transformations processes in the large socio - economic systems

The new approach is offered to consideration of sustainable development, which is based on application of models and conceptions taking into account property of associative memory. Formalization of problem of sustainable development, which takes into account different nature of subsystems, mental features of population and existence of necessities of next generations, in resources, is offered.

Development of methodology and mathematical foundations of the quantitative evaluation processes of the sustainable development and the impact of global threats in global and regional contexts

1. State registration number of the theme - 0111U001738, NTUU "KPI" - 2401-F.
2. Supervisor - prof., Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Zgurovsky Michael Z.
3. The essence of development, the main results.

Analysis of modern risks in business energy market and ways to minimize them in the sustainable development of the state

The methodology of risk management for energy market in the sustainable development of the state through improvement methodology based on risk analysis and selection criteria of optimal stabilization solutions was developed. The mechanism of substantiation of investment-innovative decisions in power industry with taking into account the estimated environmental and energy efficiency criteria was improved. The general classification of the risks of subjects of electroenergy market in accordance with accepted by Basel agreements modern international standards was proposed.