Research methods and models of sustainable development and transformations processes in the large socio - economic systems

The new approach is offered to consideration of sustainable development, which is based on application of models and conceptions taking into account property of associative memory. Formalization of problem of sustainable development, which takes into account different nature of subsystems, mental features of population and existence of necessities of next generations, in resources, is offered. Raising of tasks of design of conduct of large associations of people is developed taking into account co-operation and mentality of people on the base of models of neuronet type, cellular automata and multi-agent systems.

Models are resulted for the study of change of public thought in the large frames of society by models with the use of the real information with GIS. Approaches are offered to formalization of tasks of evolution and development of large socio- technical- natural systems on the basis of consideration of tasks of transformation as tasks of the guided, revolutionary or evolutional transition between the stable states of such systems. The problem of association of different models and different structures and types of existent information is considered for creation of the integral systems of different level and possible approaches are offered to construction of such models depending on complication of tasks.

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