Development of new reagents, materials and water treatment technology for closed water circulation systems

As the volume of work created new ways of obtaining highly basic aluminum coagulants, which are based on the interaction of aluminum hydroxide and magnesium and calcium sodium aluminate coagulants with hydrochloric acid and can be effectively used in the process of softening water and lighting. An polikationit new flocculant by polycondensation of amines and epichlorohydrinе and polyacrylamide during amination by condensation with amines and formaldehyde. Developed new scientific approaches to the removal of heavy metals from galvanic. For this desorption processes studied heavy metal ions from the cation exchanger KU-2-8 in a neutral environment with solutions of sodium sulfate. The processes of electrochemical releasing ions of zinc, cadmium, nickel and copper with neutral regenerative solutions containing sodium sulfate in a concentration of 50-150 g/dm3. The results allow to realize closed water system with the receipt of waste in the form of metal powders. The process of sorption of copper and distilled water for ferritic sorbents. It is shown that sorption capacity of the sorbent depends on the ratio of iron ions (II) and iron (III) in the initial solution and the composition of the alkali used in obtaining ferrites. The capacity of the sorbent increases with increasing content of iron (II). The method of synthesis of composite sorbent based on KU-2-8 cationit by precipitation in its pores synthetic magnetite in pure form and in the presence tiocarbamide. Efficiency deoxygenation water on the resin that is modified Fe2+ ions and hydroxide iron (II). It is shown that the process is better when using iron hydroxide. It is shown that the effectiveness of water softening in subacid cationite DOWEX MAC-3 depends on the form of the resin, and alkaline water. The conditions of acid regeneration subacid cationite to obtain neutral eluate waste reuse and Conditions acid regeneration solutions obtained in the recovery sub- and highacid cationite. Developed non-waste processes for desalination of water feeding the closed circulating systems is developed.

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