стічні води

Development of new reagents, materials and water treatment technology for closed water circulation systems

As the volume of work created new ways of obtaining highly basic aluminum coagulants, which are based on the interaction of aluminum hydroxide and magnesium and calcium sodium aluminate coagulants with hydrochloric acid and can be effectively used in the process of softening water and lighting. An polikationit new flocculant by polycondensation of amines and epichlorohydrinе and polyacrylamide during amination by condensation with amines and formaldehyde. Developed new scientific approaches to the removal of heavy metals from galvanic.

Biotechnological production of energy and energy carriers from wastes of different origin

It is developed the anaerobic-aerobic technology of treatment of highly concentrated wastewater associated with biotechnological production of electricity and hydrogen. The technology is different from the existing ones with the implemented system of bioreactors. It is developed the hydrobiocenosis of microorganisms that are organized in bioconveyor and immobilized on synthetic carrier with highly developed surface area in bioreactors.