Development of methods and means of diagnosing of efficiency of fixed installations to create energy management systems mining companies

Developed a comprehensive approach to the problem of optimizing energy consumption, improving energy efficiency and sustainability of the most energy-intensive consumers, mining companies and mining installations by applying the means of diagnosing their energy efficiency, energy-saving systems of electric drive control devices, power quality and introduction of technological measures for saving energy. The algorithms developed energy models and methods of functional diagnosing of efficiency of the mine installations with synchronous and asynchronous motors, which are measurements of operational parameters allow to determine in real-time their technical and energy state. Proposed principles of effective energy management systems to energy intensive mining companies. Developed organizational communication apparatus that uses the energy Manager, investigated the possibilities of information support of the energy management system. Developed methods and software which use the expert-statistical methods is the choice of a set of factors affecting the efficiency of electrical energy consumption in mining enterprises. The software allows to analyze the dependence of energy fluxes on the parameters of the mining enterprise (capacity of reservoirs, the depth of the mineral, processing equipment, transportation and the like) and can be integrated into the software of the automated workplaces of management of energy flows and technological processes. This will allow to effectively monitor the energy consumption of the mining enterprise in real time and to form energy-efficient modes of operation of mining enterprises.

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