Electrochemical device for the determination of sulfur dioxide in the air and process gas media

Developed gas diffusion catalytically active 3D-electrodes based on valve metal having a two-level three-dimensional structure comprising a microporous composite electrocatalytic coating applied to a discontinuous basis, and a porous regular of the electrode structure, which may include both electrocatalytically active material, and a mixture of the latter with other disperse materials. The kinetic parameters of redox reactions and mass transfer in electrochemical systems with capillary-porous membranes and 3D-catalytically active electrodes in individual solutions of lithium halide, perchlorate, and phosphoric acid in the presence of neurotransmitter systems based oxoanions. The optimum values for SO2 in air, the catalytically active components of the working electrode - manganese (IV) oxide for perchlorate acid and ruthenium (IV) oxide in the presence of iodate as oxidation mediator SO2. The mechanisms of their catalytic action. Selective created high resolution miniature laboratory samples SO2 electrochemical device based on a new technology of forming 3D-catalytically active electrodes using catalysts mediator. Conducted experimental-industrial tests of the definition of the metrological characteristics (SO2 determine the range of 10 to 10,000 ppm). The developed devices are suitable for use in gas analytical systems for the control of harmful substances in emissions from thermal power plants.

Електрохімічна  комірка  та  пристрій  для визначення SO2 в  повітрі  та  технологічних середовищах
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