Scientific and technological basis of receipt of modern technologies and riggin of complex resource saving deformation of axisymmetrical wares

We solve important scientific and technical challenge associated with creating the concept of complex (simultaneous) actions on the workpiece through the formation of localized deformation and the formation of the center hole with minimal post processing of removing the metal layer, and providing enhanced mechanical properties through modification material structure; development of new energy efficient technologies for parts of the central cavity of the solid components; the creation of methods of technological calculations; energy-power research and computer modeling developed processes and equipment; definition and realization of new possibilities in the use by local rotary forming and processing equipment.
Performing these tasks has allowed a saving processes and equipment that meet modern requirements: - providing products and production properties that provide a new level of quality, etc.; - lower costs by reducing the metal allowances for further processing and maximum approximation form blanks to finished parts; - saving energy by using cold forming and semi hot; - reduce costs for equipment and tools through the use of new technological schemes and sustainable structures; - the creation of technological processes and equipment that meet high safety requirements and working conditions; the possibility of mechanization and automation; - the creation of automated systems and equipment based on new technical and technological solutions.

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