Composite nanostructured materials with regulated the physicochemical properties

Prototypes of new catalysts and photocatalysts based on newly synthesized nanoscale metal oxides obtained, kinetic regularities of redox processes in which they participate in waste water determined. The experimental dependence of the degree of photocatalytic purification in model wastewater and the nature of the pollutant concentration established. Substantiation of technological parameters of the liquid-phase oxidation-reduction processes wastewater from the pollutants of various origins determined. Process parameters and process photocatalytic redox sewage from organic and inorganic pollutants created by catalyst systems based on nanoscale metal oxides defined. The technological bases of wastewater pharmaceutical manufactures catalytic nanostructured metal-oxide systems established.

The basic regularities of the processes of obtaining composite materials based on natural silicates have been established. Amino-functional, iron- and silica-containing silicate composites were synthesized. Structural-sorption characteristics and physicochemical properties of the obtained porous multifunctional composites were investigated. The materials obtained have been found to remove effectively inorganic toxicants from water, both in cationic and anionic forms, over a wide pH range. It is shown that the obtained composites can be used as promising sorbents for the extraction of metal ions (cobalt, arsenic) and natural radionuclides (uranium) from the aquatic environment, including contaminated surface and groundwater with high mineralization. The technological scheme of obtaining iron-containing sorbents on the basis of organophilized bentonite and the ways of their utilization by ceramic technology have been offered.

The technology of obtaining of transparent electrically conductive oxide-metal coatings on inorganic sodium-calcium aluminosilicate float glass by pyrolytic method was developed. The batches of industrial specimens of special purpose glass for protection against fogging and frostbite with transparent electric conductive coating were produced. The technology of production of self-cleaning photocatalytic coating based on anatase on silicate glass was developed and a pilot batch of samples was made. It was established that application of ion exchange method for hardening multilayered nanostructured glassy materials shows high efficiency

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