Creation of theoretical bases of apodized signal processing devices crystal-like structures

Fundamental physics and mathematics principles of complex wave structures needed for research and development of complex crystal-like structures and signal processing devices based on them were created. The generalized impedance model of different wave nature barrier structures is developed. In the analysis of structures impedance model allows use of the nonuniform transmission lines theory. Based on the impedance model lows of different nature waves interaction with complex structures, passing resonant conditions, including tunneling, waves, analytical expressions for eigenvalues of frequency and energy (in the case of quantum-mechanical structures) and other parameters are established. The generalized transversal filter model for modeling crystal-like structures with arbitrary impedance dependence was worked out. The generalized transversal filter model differ possibility of its application to the synthesis of complex wave structures of different nature with desired characteristics. Based on the model methods of amplitude and phase apodization of crystal-like structures to form a highly performance signal processing devices were proposed, developed and tested.

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