Physical - chemical bases of forming of oxide-carbidic-nitrided coverages with participation transitional metals on alloys

In theory obgruntuvani possibilities of complex satiation of staley and alloys by titan, chrome, vanadium, nitrogen, carbon, set conformities to law and features of forming on-the-spot of wares of multi-layered coverages with a heterogeneous structure on the basis of carbides, nitridiv, oxides of transitional metals, aluminium, with the high complex of physical, mechanical and chemical properties for the increase of production indexes of details of machines, instruments, rigging. Determination thermodynamics parameters of estimation of processes of complex satiation of alloys by transitional metals, aluminium, nitrogen, by oxygen at the terms of mionectic pressure in the environment of chlorine with the use in quality the initial reagents of powders or mixture of powders of metals, four chlorous carbon, charcoal, nitrogen, oxygen. Theoretical bases are created for development of new methods of receipt of coverages with the unique complex of properties. Set structure, phase and chemical compositions, kinetics of growth of new generation of multi-layered with the heterogeneous structure of oksikarbidnikh, karbonitridnikh, oksikarbonitridnikh pokritiv with participation of intermetalidiv. Investigational influence of complex coverages is on a microhardness, wearproofness in the conditions of friction of sliding without greasing, heat-tolerance, abrasive wearproofness, corrosive firmness, in the different aggressive environments of staley and carboloies. A certain model of forming of multicomponent coverages is with participation of transitional metals, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen.

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