Khyzhnyak V.

Establishing patterns of formation of diffusion coatings on alloys and the relationship between their composition, structure and properties

Showing an increase tribotechnical characteristics of titanium alloys in terms of friction without lubrication, abrasion wear, heat resistance, corrosion resistance the surface after diffusion saturation with nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, chromium, aluminum.

The possibility of intensification of diffusion saturation by introducing into the reaction space activators and activation of surfaces prior Magneto-abrasive treatment that is saturated. This reduces the saturation temperature of titanium and its alloys to 550-900 0C saturation and reduce time to 2-3 hours.

Physical - chemical bases of forming of oxide-carbidic-nitrided coverages with participation transitional metals on alloys

In theory obgruntuvani possibilities of complex satiation of staley and alloys by titan, chrome, vanadium, nitrogen, carbon, set conformities to law and features of forming on-the-spot of wares of multi-layered coverages with a heterogeneous structure on the basis of carbides, nitridiv, oxides of transitional metals, aluminium, with the high complex of physical, mechanical and chemical properties for the increase of production indexes of details of machines, instruments, rigging.