System research and practical testing methodology to assess the complex geological processes

The analysis and theoretical-methodological grounding of mathematical models and numerical methods research lithodynamic processes of the earth surface on PEСM. Due to the great complexity and cumbersome computations to determine the stability coefficients of sliding slopes using variational methods for determining the sliding surfaces is possible only with the full computerization of such calculations. The use of numerical methods and algorithms to determine the stability coefficients of sliding slopes and landslide pressure automates calculations and eliminates the typical contradiction computational methods traditionally used in the national design organizations and counter landslide offices. This contradiction is due to the previously appointed by the sliding surface with a minimum value of the stability coefficient of the landslide slope. The mathematical model of the landslide process created on the basis of all known theoretical principles of granular material statics and widely used in practice methods calculating the value of the stability coefficient and landslide pressure represents the theoretical basis to develop a computer program for the calculations landslide danger indexes on the variation basis. There are the block diagrams, algorithms, application software package technique to assess the sliding slopes. There is developed the program and conducted its testing on certain specific theoretical calculations and practical examples. The validity of the computer program LANDSLIP7.0 results is confirmed by verification of the calculation formulas adopted in the mathematical model and a comparative testing of the results available in the literature for the individual cases, the comparison with the results of some natural experiments. There are worked the effective procedures and simplified man-oriented software interface for the possibility to use them by the specialists of engineer and technical district and municipal administrations services, which have, mainly, construction training without special computer education.

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