Optimization of the modes of exploitation of hybrid ekomobil is on the base of photo-electric batteries and biodiesel fuel

Фото гібридного екомобілю із застосуванням в якості джерел енергії сонячного випромінювання та біодизельного палива

For the first time experimentally that the temperature coefficients of reaction pereesterifikatsii vegetable oil methyl alcohol are γ = 1,3 and do not meet the rule of van't Hoff for chemical reactions, so the change of temperature in the range of 20-60 º C did not reveal a significant impact on product yield and reaction rate in the whole . The calculated values of the activation energy of the reaction, which are within the 22-23 kJ / mol, which are not typical of the reactions that take place in the kinetic region, so the process pereesterifikatsii vegetable oils can not describe the classical kinetic equation of second order in the SN2 mechanism without specific physicochemical phenomena and manipulation inherent in this reaction. The dependence of the real concentration of methyl alcohol in essential natural-lipophilic phase of its concentration on the reaction at standard conditions (T = 25 º C and P = 1 atm.), Which is suggested to use the Master equation, making it possible to improve the process pereesterifikatsii vegetable oils. A mathematical model of heat transfer in the reactor pereesterifikatsii vegetable oils, which is different from the existing presence of the expression that describes the intensity of heat. Based on the mathematical model proposed algorithm dynamics change with time of the temperature distribution within the reactor.

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