Modeling the integration decision influence in the fuel and energy complex to the possibility of achieving the sustainable economic development of territorial formation

The importance of integration transformations in the fuel and energy complex (FEC) of Ukraine in the system of providing steady economic development terms is proved, what foresees the creation of vertically-integrated multisectoral associations. The methodical approach to the formalization of quantitative indexes of integration decisions efficiency with the account of ecological factors and initial positions of complex estimation of micro, mezo and macroeconomic integration processes advantages in FEC are developed. The proper algorithms and scenarios of modeling the variants of integrated fuel and energy associations construction are developed taking into account ecological requirements concerning the providing of economic security and sustainable development of territory. Methodical approaches and the proper calculation economic and mathematical models are developed, intended for: diagnostics the state of constituents of economic security and sustainable development of the territorial formation; evaluation of ecological and economical efficiency of stabilizing integration decisions; modeling the influencing of integration decisions on the competitiveness of subjects of FEC; the evaluation of export potential and analysis of its sensitiveness to the changes in charts of electric power export; determination of commodity financial streams parameters between the subjects of integration.