Synthesis and constructive implementation of signal-code structures in chanels with multiposition manipulation in satellite and radio relay communication

The proposed recommendations for implementing constructive signal code constructions in modems used in radio relay and satellite communications. Developed documentation support for implementation of the proposed modems in the production process of PJSC "ELMIZ."

The study is based on the idea of the synthesis signal-code constructions for use in satellite and microwave transmission with desired properties by criteria information efficiency. This makes it possible to unify the system used for the types of signals and information transmitted at different speeds, ensuring efficient use of available frequency and power resources.

Writing team for the first time resolved uncertainty coding theorem for the Shannon discrete channels with given accuracy through precise numerical value in relation to the block and continuous codes, and first tested for performance by the border with Multi-channel signals in the structure of signal-code constructions (SCC).

The paper used new methods for solving applied problem with new innovative ideas and concepts, combined with the fundamental principles of the theory of noise immunity multiposition signals, noise-immune coding theory, information theory, Shannon theorem. The end result is excess options and advanced codes multiposition signals combined in SCC. Proved and patented new technology of information transmission using multiposition signals combined with speed and noise immunity codes while performing a modulation / coding.

Стійка з модемом, мультиплексорами і устаткуванням живлення
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