Research of new effects of electromagnetic coupling in solid-state planar resonators and development of filters theory for Telecommunications

It developed the theory of the construction of small-sized planar filters with improved characteristics for telecommunication facilities. The theory involves the construction of a new direction of microwave bandpass filters, which concerns small comb and lattice filters stripline design with high dielectric constant. Until recently, this trend did not develop because there is a "scientific" prohibitions. The new trend has arisen on the basis of new effects of the electromagnetic interaction between the resonators in strip comb structures and lattice-type, which were established during the investigation.

Based on the set of new effects of the electromagnetic interaction in solid-state planar resonators implemented the theory and practice of construction of filters for telecommunications facilities. Created on the basis of new knowledge strip and microstrip filters with improved characteristics are competitive and merit further development.

It is shown that the value K0 is positive, they increase with increasing relative permittivity εr strip lines, their thickness and the frequency f b.

For the first time the possibility of using the comb strip and grid structures, respectively, with the λ / 4 and λ / 2 resonators as a bandpass filter. For a long time it was believed that these structures are all locking.

A method of synthesis of comb lattice and band-pass filters of segments of symmetric stripline transmission lines.

A study of the new effect of the electromagnetic interaction between the resonators microstrip and stripline design, which is based on the shape of the coupling coefficient stepped resonators. The characteristic features of this dependence.
It is shown that the set of indicators on the new strip and microstrip filters for telecommunications facilities are competitive in comparison with monoblock ceramic filters and coaxial dielectric resonators. A method for constructing such filters is worked out.

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