Zakharov A.V.

Development of theory and circuit solutions of non-minimum-phase planar filters with mixed couplings for telecommunications

The object of the study is non-minimal-phase radio-wave filters of planar design (stripline and microstrip), which, in addition to reflection-type resonators, contain through-type resonators, and which use mixed electromagnetic couplings between resonators.
The subject of research is the influence of mixed electromagnetic coupling on the frequency characteristics of more complex non-minimal-phase planar filters, which should lead to the creation of a new theory.

Effects of electromagnetic interaction in microwave multipleplaced planar structures and development of the theory of filters for telecommunication system

A theory has been developed for multi-tiered bandpass filters of a planar structure, its position is confirmed by measurements on existing experimental samples. On the basis of the established theoretical positions, new circuit design solutions for bandpass filters with different frequency characteristics have been created, which is reflected in the patent materials. It is established that three- resonator filters with a mixed cross-coupling K 13 = K m + K e , equal to zero (К 13 = 0), have two equidistantly located damping poles or a constant delay time.

Research of new effects of electromagnetic coupling in solid-state planar resonators and development of filters theory for Telecommunications

It developed the theory of the construction of small-sized planar filters with improved characteristics for telecommunication facilities. The theory involves the construction of a new direction of microwave bandpass filters, which concerns small comb and lattice filters stripline design with high dielectric constant. Until recently, this trend did not develop because there is a "scientific" prohibitions.

The capabilities extension of electronic tuning filters with solid-state construction

Solid-state filters with the electric tuning of frequency are the key elements of different multifrequency communication systems possessing increased noise immunity and reliability. It is considered considerable part of perspective communications, including to cellular telephony, will use these filters mainly. This development is the electric tunable filters with the improved responses for the perspective communication equipment, it is sent to development of new element base of Ukraine in area of radio electronics.