Sidorenko S.I.

Сергій Іванович Сидоренко - проректор з науково-педагогічної роботи (міжнародні зв’язки), доктор фізико-математичних наук, професор, член-кореспондент НАН України, заслужений діяч науки і техніки України

Influence of ion irradiation on structure, absorption capacity and corrosion properties of nanosized metal compositions

It is shown that the method of bombardment of a nanothick vacuum-condensed metallic substance with low-energy ions is a promising tool for the purposeful formation of such gradient distributions of structural-phase states that provide new properties. New methodological approaches have been developed in the structural analysis of nanoscale materials using synchrotron radiation (with a photon flux density by 12 orders of magnitude, and an exposure duration 150 times shorter than provided by traditional methods of X-ray structural analysis).

Formation of gradient states in nano layered metal film compositions via processes on the outer surface

Laws of energy induced diffusion phase-structural transformations in film functional-gradient materials with significantly different thermodynamic and crystal-chemical properties of the layers (V-Ag, Pd-Ho, Ni-Cu-Cr, etc.) were determined.
“Diffusion pump” effect was determined for investigated nanothickness materials: physical and chemical processes on outer surface thermodynamically determine diffusion phase formation in the bulk during energy impact in argon-, nitrogen-, oxygen-, hydrogen- containing atmospheres and in vacuum of 10-3 Pa, 10-7 Pa.

The functional and biocompatible composition coverages formation on Ti- and Fe-alloys, with hardened by carbon nanotubes and intrusion elements, at the terms of extreme power influences

For the first time the scientific basis of a fundamentally new method of forming biocompatible (titanium alloy) coating of carbon nanotubes (CNT) in polycrystalline silicon oxide layers with nickel and iron catalytic centers are obtained by CVD for implants, dentures support-the driving apparatus of human and medical instruments were developed. For the first time a model of physical and chemical processes of the composite coatings formation under laser irradiation of CNT substrates with pre-coated with a layer of hydroxyapatite powder were proposed.

Formation regularities of the biocompatible coatings on titanium and iron alloys for artificial limbs and medical instruments

Regularities of structural phase transition at the formation of biocompatible protective coating by complex high-energy treatment were determined. This could consciously control the processes of their creation as well as a set of performance properties. An important characteristic of biocompatible coatings is their strong connection with the base that ensures long-term strength of implants in the human body.