Physical principles of nanostructure state in high temperature alloys under friction stir treatment of flat and complex shaped surfaces.

Physical principles of micro- and nanostructured states in surface layers were determined. They are as follows: superposition (integration) processes of deformation by friction and deformation by stirring provides such preassigned special structural phase inhomogeneities (distributions) by depth (for example, mіcro- and nanostructured surface layers at depths from the surface of millimeter-range products, which greatly exceed the depth of micro- and nanostructuring comparing with the effect of only friction, the formation of surface layers consisting of cohesive interconnected micro- and nano-sized structural components with an average size of 20-30mkm and 10-30nm, respectively, and so on), which provide improved physical and technical characteristics: wear resistance of 1.5 times, the corrosion resistance of 1.5-2 times and the microhardness of 2-2.5 times in comparison with properties of materials before processing.