Scientific bases of mechanochemical UIT-synthesis of wear-resistant coverings of structural alloys of aviation equipment for increase of military ability

Scientific bases of mechanochemical UIT-synthesis of wear-resistant coverings of structural alloys of aviation equipment for increase of military ability

A new approach to the creation of composite wear-resistant coatings is proposed, which consists in realizing the advantages of combining the effect of mechanical nanocrystallization and mechanochemical reactions in the near-surface layers treated with ultrasonic impact treatment (UIT) in chemically active and inert media. This fundamentally distinguishes the proposed technique from the known methods of synthesis of bulk composite materials and provides more effective, compared to heat treatment and standard UIT schemes, surface hardening.

Increasing of working properties of the industrial components surfaces by applying modified nano-formation coatings

Мікроструктура плазмового покриття системи NiCrFeBSi  модифікованого нанопорошком Al2O3 до оплавлення

Increasing of operational properties, especially wear-resistant surface of industrial components may be achieved by modifying the surface layers of nano forms through the providing of nanopowders into the molten pool at electric-arc surfacing and coating during thermal spraying.

Surface topography modification by controllable laser irradiation

Обробка зразків на макеті устаткування

Main goal in the development of technological process and the design of experimental equipment for its realization was to improve the exploitation properties of parts. It is possible to pattern required micro-relief on flexible thin-walled workpieces and, with help of additional ultra-sonic processing, on rigid bulk parts. Данная технология позволяет создавать требуемый микрорельеф на не жестких тонкостенных деталях или его формирование (для жестких деталей) с помощью дополнительной выглаживающей УЗ-обработки

Development of the eco-efficient and resource-saving technology for obtaining and finishing of wear-resistant parts based on waste silumins for printing machines

Скоба механізму подавання віконець для вклеювання в упаковку машини для вклеювання віконець «Heiber & Schroeder WP 800D» (вказано стрілкою)

Developed environmentally efficient and resource-saving technology for producing and finishing fundamentally new wear-resistant composite parts for use in nodes of post-printing equipment based on the grinding of waste aluminum alloys - silumins with solid lubricant (or without) allows to manufacture new parts that wear resistance significantly exceed the known parts which operatt in similar conditions. Developed technology is based on the use of powder metallurgy processing steps in combination with precision machining of the friction parts’ working surfaces.

Establishing patterns of formation of diffusion coatings on alloys and the relationship between their composition, structure and properties

Дифузійний шар на сплаві ВТ6 після нітроцементаціі при Т = 900 ° С. х1000

Showing an increase tribotechnical characteristics of titanium alloys in terms of friction without lubrication, abrasion wear, heat resistance, corrosion resistance the surface after diffusion saturation with nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, chromium, aluminum.

The possibility of intensification of diffusion saturation by introducing into the reaction space activators and activation of surfaces prior Magneto-abrasive treatment that is saturated. This reduces the saturation temperature of titanium and its alloys to 550-900 0C saturation and reduce time to 2-3 hours.