Комп'ютерна модель

Making technology and precision processing of new bearing materials with increased wear resistance based on alloy steels wastes

Втулка композиційного підшипнику з матеріалу на основі шліфувальних відходів сталі 4ХМНФС +6%CaF2

Developed technology and precision processing of composite self lubricant bearing materials for heavy duty exploitation conditions based on alloy steels wastes with solid lubricant allows to manufacture new parts which essentially exceed known bearings over wear resistance for analogue conditions. Created technology is based at use of powder technological operations in combination with fine machining of friction parts.

The study, simulation and development of storage elements and devices with destructive and non-destructive readout on nanoscale ferroelectric films

Обладнання для осадження НСП

The new technology of deposition of nanoscale (20-50 nm) ferroelectric films (NFF) for the non-volatile memory elements (ME), including the method of RF magnetron sputtering with closed drift of high-energy secondary electrons. Processed using the method and means of RF sputtering plazma monolithic ceramic targets based compounds zirconium, titanium, lead in the direction of reducing the thickness of the film, the technology of ultrasound treatment NFF, which provides an increase in the polarization reorientation and reduction of stress reversal.