Strutinsky V.

Development of the basic principles of designing manipulators of mobile robots of special purpose adapted for work with dangerous objects

The concept of development of the theory of designing of manipulators of mobile robots on the basis of the put forward idea of division of processes into various groups - macroprocesses and microprocesses is offered. Effective theoretical methods of research of working processes on the basis of stochastic tensor fields, generalized functions and screw calculus adapted to the tasks of research of mobile robot manipulators are applied.

Theory of kinematics and dynamic workflows for processing dangerous objects machine tools mobile robots

The creation of equipment for working with dangerous objects in the field is important for improving the defense capability and national security of the state. The development of such devices is focused on obtaining application results of dual use.
The main part of the problem of high-precision processing of dangerous objects, in particular, mines, shells, tanks with toxic materials, pipelines under pressure, in field conditions, has been solved.

The development of design theory and testing the multi dimensional machine tools and machines with the mechatronic rods structures and their control systems

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The development of the dynamics theory of a multi coordinate machine tools and machines based on fuzzy sets and neural networks with the implementation of innovative methods of machining the workpieces

A new dynamics theory of multi coordinate machine tool and machines based on fuzzy sets using neural networks to implement computational procedures with the implementation of innovative methods of machining, which are based on using the features of dynamic processes of machining was developed.

Development of the special methods of theory of the field and perfection on their basis of spatial stochastic technological systems of metal-cutting machine-tools

Special methods of field theory, which are aimed at the study of vector and tensor fields of kinematic and dynamic parameters of the technological systems of machines. Methods used in studies of working systems machine tool spindles with cyclic changes of the field parameters. The laws of vibration field of one-dimensional and multi-dimensional continuum of dynamical systems tools. A fundamentally new method of description of stochastic spatial cutting forces in the form of a tensor field correlation moments of the projections of the random vector of the cutting force.