Development of the special methods of theory of the field and perfection on their basis of spatial stochastic technological systems of metal-cutting machine-tools

Special methods of field theory, which are aimed at the study of vector and tensor fields of kinematic and dynamic parameters of the technological systems of machines. Methods used in studies of working systems machine tool spindles with cyclic changes of the field parameters. The laws of vibration field of one-dimensional and multi-dimensional continuum of dynamical systems tools. A fundamentally new method of description of stochastic spatial cutting forces in the form of a tensor field correlation moments of the projections of the random vector of the cutting force. Offered sophisticated mathematical models of spatial XY stochastic dynamical systems tools, cast as a set of solid elements with elastic-dissipative bonds. The studies were conducted using the developed methods for the description of the inertial properties of the system in the form of a stochastic tensor field of the moments of inertia of the system. Specific features of the vibration fields two-coordinate system. In particular, the emergence of the dynamic parameters of the field due to the gyroscopic moments, which are the result of interrelated elements of the translational motion. The methods of field theory applied to studies of technological systems kvazitekuchey working environment, which take place at vibroabrasive machining. Investigated the field of kinematic parameters (speed, acceleration) and dynamic parameters (forces) in kvazitekuchey environment. The presence of wave processes in kvazitekuchey environments and propose methods to positive use to increase the efficiency of processing.

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