Gondliakh Aleksandr V.

Methods of calculating evolution of the stress-strain state of the equipment of nuclear power plants taking into account the destruction of areas of action of seismic loads

Designed iterative-analytical theory of spatial multi-layer constructions in view of the possible destruction of the material layers of shells. A mathematical model of crack propagation in the construction of nuclear power plants, taking into account the basic parameters of the seismic loading containments and NPP equipment. An geometrically and physically nonlinear equations.

Modelling of the formation and propagation of cracks in the construction of chemical equipment from operational factors

A theory of multi-shell systems to develop new methods that provide the ability to model the nonlinear deformation and fracture of shell systems through mobile and physically reasonable basis redefinition the expansion depending on the changes in physical - mechanical characteristics of the structure in the development process of zones of plasticity and fracture of layers of the investigated object. Has developed a new concept of the iterative construction of the functions of bringing a refined theory of multilayer shells and plates.