Methods of calculating evolution of the stress-strain state of the equipment of nuclear power plants taking into account the destruction of areas of action of seismic loads

Designed iterative-analytical theory of spatial multi-layer constructions in view of the possible destruction of the material layers of shells. A mathematical model of crack propagation in the construction of nuclear power plants, taking into account the basic parameters of the seismic loading containments and NPP equipment. An geometrically and physically nonlinear equations. Developed, implemented and tested the software on a number of control and test problems algorithms study the propagation of fracture zones in the protective shells of nuclear power plants and nuclear power plant equipment in the cracks under seismic loading, taking into account the physical and geometric nonlinearity. The new multi-layer finite element numerical implementation for the study of the evolution of nonlinear physical processes and failure in structural systems based on spatial separation based on iterative-analytical theory of shells. Designed stepwise-iterative algorithm for solving the successive loading physically and geometrically nonlinear problems in view of cracking in the protective shells and nuclear equipment under dynamic loading. It was found that the parameters of convergence developed finite element exceeds the world analogues, and developed algorithms are not inferior to the world analogues. A system of information support of the life cycle of protective membranes and nuclear power plant equipment and studied evolutionary processes of stress-strain state of the containment and nuclear power plant equipment in conditions of seismic loading. Shows the results of application of theoretical positions iterative-analytical theory for the design of continuous information support life cycle energy industry facilities that allow not only to monitor the equipment during its operation, but also to predict the scenarios of possible development of fracture zones in the event of abnormal or emergency situations.

Результати моніторінгу за напруженнями у захисній оболонці АЕС при розриві армоканату та розповсюдженням тріщин в колекторі парогенератора в процесі землетрусу
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