Methods of calculating evolution of the stress-strain state of the equipment of nuclear power plants taking into account the destruction of areas of action of seismic loads

Designed iterative-analytical theory of spatial multi-layer constructions in view of the possible destruction of the material layers of shells. A mathematical model of crack propagation in the construction of nuclear power plants, taking into account the basic parameters of the seismic loading containments and NPP equipment. An geometrically and physically nonlinear equations.

Automating the monitoring of geological environment in the zone of influence of NPP construction

The automated system for monitoring the geological environment in the zone of influence of nuclear facilities was developed, in which tasks of monitoring the state of soils were implemented by creating a digital model of soils. This model is a database of real and virtual wells, as well as its support tools.

Development of software for risk operating analysis of electric power subsystems with nuclear power plants

The analysis of the conditions of operation of NPP with auxiliary systems in modern EPS of Ukraine was performed. The most probable set of events (incidents) that cause accidents in EPS with NPP was determined. The structure of risks of electrical connection of NPP and TPP with power system and blackout of auxiliary system of power plant under extreme external influences was formed.