Development of the basic principles of designing manipulators of mobile robots of special purpose adapted for work with dangerous objects

The concept of development of the theory of designing of manipulators of mobile robots on the basis of the put forward idea of division of processes into various groups - macroprocesses and microprocesses is offered. Effective theoretical methods of research of working processes on the basis of stochastic tensor fields, generalized functions and screw calculus adapted to the tasks of research of mobile robot manipulators are applied.

Creation of remote controlled platform of mobile robot for demining of high passage and maneuverability

A concept has been developed for the creation of a small-sized universal base chassis of a robot of high cross-country ability and maneuverability, which combines minimization of the dimensions and weight of mobile robots, a reduction in production costs due to a decrease in resource and material consumption, a significant expansion of the scope of use of mobile robots in areas where traditional large-sized equipment cannot be applied , the implementation of which is based on the use of chassis kinematic schemes, providing high cross-country ability on rough terrain and in houses with the a

Adaptive manipulator vibro and wave destruction of rocks and extraction of mineral resources

Created a new generation manipulator vibro and wave destruction of rocks. Human intervention is minimized in the process of applying the manipulator, and the efficiency is greatly increased due to the use of adaptive electro-hydraulic control systems and vibration protection systems on the basis of dynamic dampers and dissipative repulsive clathrates.