Bouraou Nadiia I.

Methodology for multi-class diagnostics of complex spatial objects

Methodology of multi-class diagnostics is developed for complex spatial objects with welded and / or riveted joints of elements in case of occurrence and development of multi-site damages on the basis of methods of multi-class recognition and information technologies, methods of estimation and prediction of change of technical condition of objects.

Development of methodological support and model sample of monitoring system based on the concept of Structural Health Monitoring

A study and development of methodological support structural monitoring of the technical state of metallic structural elements of complex spatial objects are carried out, the technical implementation monitoring system based on the concept of Structural Health Monitoring in mock sample is made. The simulation and physical models of complex spatial diagnostic object – the tank for storage of hazardous substances are given, the adequacy of models is confirmed.

Development of the methodic and model of the vibroacoustical signal processing system for the information-diagnosis complex of rotation systems

The two-level vibration control system of complex rotation systems (aviation engines) is developed at the steady-state and non-steady-state modes of operation. At the first level the vibration control system supports the current control of actual levels of vibration at the harmonics of the rotor rotation. The second level is assigned for analysis of “normal vibration” in order to predict or detect small damages of engine rotary details on the bases of integrated usage of signal processing methods for damages diagnosis. The vibration control method is based.