електричний транспорт

Development of a system for monitoring and analysis of transient modes of electrical networks based on the processing of synchronous vector measurements

The essence of the development is to create and test the system of monitoring and analysis of electric networks modes of operation and automatic control of electric distribution networks based on new methods of processing data of synchronous vector measurements, as well as experimental validation of the developed technology to determine the features of its application in power grids with renewable energy sources.
The main results of the work are:

Development of efficient electrobus electromechanical system based on adaptive vector- controlled induction motor drive with accumulator-ultracapacitor power source

An experimental electrical drive for electric buses and traks is developed and experimentally tested. Developed power converter for induction motor based electrical drive provides 100 kW of output power. Flux-torque (speed) control algorithms for induction motor are developed, implemented and experimentally verified. Developed nonlinear controller take into consideration motor's magnetizing curve provides asymptotic flux-torque (speed) tracking, torque per Ampere maximization (MTA) as well adaptation to stator and rotor resistances.