Development of efficient electrobus electromechanical system based on adaptive vector- controlled induction motor drive with accumulator-ultracapacitor power source

An experimental electrical drive for electric buses and traks is developed and experimentally tested. Developed power converter for induction motor based electrical drive provides 100 kW of output power. Flux-torque (speed) control algorithms for induction motor are developed, implemented and experimentally verified. Developed nonlinear controller take into consideration motor's magnetizing curve provides asymptotic flux-torque (speed) tracking, torque per Ampere maximization (MTA) as well adaptation to stator and rotor resistances. Both MTA and adaptation properties of the developed controller improves efficiency of the electromechanical system and increase range of battery powered electrical vehicles. Low power hybrid energy storage system (HESS), based on accumulators and supercapacitors is developed and assembled. New control algorithms for DC-DC converters are developed and experimentally verified. Experimental HESS provides possibility to development and experimental investigations of control algorithms for DC-DC converters, energy flow optimization, accumulators ans supercapasitors charge/discharge. Auxiliary modules for integration of developed electrical drive in to electrobus structure are also developed. Experimental rig with 50 kW induction motor and DC loading machine in developed and manufactured. Experimental rig provides possibility to perform experimental investigations on new control algorithms in all operation modes, which are close to real electrical vehicles conditions.

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