Сhyzh I.H.

Development of theoretical foundations and principles of design mikroperetvoryuvachiv mechanical quantities into electrical value based on MEMS and Nanotechnology

A device for determining of the distance to an object and its motion with non-contact method. Designed device also allows an additional function, namely, to measure the distance to the further point of clear vision of the human eye and to measure the value of eye refractive error. In this case this distance meter turns into ophthalmic refractometer.

The ophthalmological refractometer for the aberrational intraocular lens transplantation and aberrational contact lens selection

For the purpose of eye aberration correction with the special contact lens or intraocular lens it is necessary to be informed about eye refraction aberrational component. This information can be acquired by using of device based on modified Foucault knife method. For this purpose we propose to use the optical-electronic system which allows to detect and fix the pupil plane isodiopter zones.