The development of methods of prolongation of reliable and economical operation energy generating objects during variable mode of operation

The technological and economic analysis of existing and long-rang power generation technologies is maid. The performance testing and production costs for modernized and advanced units are determined. The criteria optimizations, necessary technological, economic and regime restrictions and balance values were find.

Development of optimal control methods by flows in networks with using the theory of differential games

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Research objective is development of new methods for control of dynamic and static flows in networks which based on application of differential games theory optimization methods. Investigation object is models and methods for distribution optimization of dynamic and static flows in networks with application of differential games theory. Effective methods of constraint problem solving for a wide linear games classes have been constructed.

Development of methods and techniques for optimal design of unmanned aviation complex for industrial and ecological monitoring of the environment

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The work is dedicated to the development and implementation of integrated design methodologies of individual elements of unmanned aircraft systems related to the problems of ensuring the necessary tactical and technical, performance, reliability characteristics, performance and unification into a single unified methodology and a system of making design decisions in the design process.