The development of methods of prolongation of reliable and economical operation energy generating objects during variable mode of operation

The technological and economic analysis of existing and long-rang power generation technologies is maid. The performance testing and production costs for modernized and advanced units are determined. The criteria optimizations, necessary technological, economic and regime restrictions and balance values were find.

The algorithms of lifetime extension rotors of steam turbines in view of torque and a mathematical model for evaluating of torsional oscillations of rotors of powerful steam turbines were developed. Calculated investigations of torque fluctuations action and evaluations of residual life shafting of steam turbine K-200-130 were carried out.

The design documentation of modules burners with the combustion process intensifiers are developed. The regularities of diffusion and kinetic burning in stabilized burners are determinated. The recommendations for the calculation of burners with combustion intensifiers that are able to work at variations of excess air in a wide range were delivered.

The concept of construction of high-grade automatic systems of regulating (АСР) by heat power installations with use of the theory of optimization, strategy of dynamic correction of work of regulators and theories H is developed that allows to create effective structural solutions for control systems of heat power processes in variable operating modes. It is offered functional structures ASR which can be used on any technological installations with the inertia channels of regulating.

It is developed methodical, technical and program maintenance for computer system which optimizes operating modes of coppers taking into account factors of reliability, profitability and the residual resource. Results of work can be used at redesign or new building of coppers of a high power thermal power plants and ТЭС.

In order to use fly ash and slag waste of boilers of thermal power stations as technogenic raw materials for industry and to improve the efficiency of existing boilers by using the utilization of waste gases the studies of the composition and comparative analysis of slag waste of Tripoli, Kryvyi Rih, Ladyzhinskaya thermal power stations was maid and recommendations were developed on utilizing of waste gases of the Kyiv thermal power station № 5 and Darnyts'kaya (Kyiv) thermal power station on the base of the regressive-correlation analysis of the operation of energy and water boilers.

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