Черноусенко О.Ю.

Черноусенко Ольга Юріївна - https://scholar.google.com.ua/citations?user=m7CSuP0AAAAJ&hl=uk

The increasing of efficiency and economy of the operation of the energetic equipment under different kinds of fuel and conditions of the load control

The experimental curves of the creep and the long-term strength of 25Kh1M1FA steel have been scientifically substantiated and proved by studying of the rotor of power unit No. 9 on the Luganskaya TES which had worked 275 thousand hours and reproduced all aging processes for the entire period of operation. The experimental curve of the long-term strength is supplemented taking into account the creep, which was limited a range of 175 thousands hours, up to 375 thousands hours.

The development of methods of prolongation of high temperature elements operation of energetic and industrial equipments

In the energy sector of Ukraine there are a significant number of different power boilers, furnaces, drying, gas turbines etc., which exhausted their service life. The experience in the operation of such systems has shown that one of the problems of their functioning is a significant discrepancy between the actual and the calculated distribution of the heat flow in the combustion chamber. This results in thermal distortions in the equipment elements occurrence stresses and lead to crash.

The development of methods of prolongation of reliable and economical operation energy generating objects during variable mode of operation

The technological and economic analysis of existing and long-rang power generation technologies is maid. The performance testing and production costs for modernized and advanced units are determined. The criteria optimizations, necessary technological, economic and regime restrictions and balance values were find.

The development of the technology of combustible waste and alternative fuel gases using on the basis of their high effective burning

With the aim of increasing of the efficiency of using of solid fractional waste agricultural and industrial production the investigations on burning waste by «moving» fluidized bed on the experimental bench was conducted. Due to the intensity of the process of mass transfer heat intensity burning mirrors in 1.5 - 2 times higher than that produced by burning fuel by other methods.