The development of the technology of combustible waste and alternative fuel gases using on the basis of their high effective burning

With the aim of increasing of the efficiency of using of solid fractional waste agricultural and industrial production the investigations on burning waste by «moving» fluidized bed on the experimental bench was conducted. Due to the intensity of the process of mass transfer heat intensity burning mirrors in 1.5 - 2 times higher than that produced by burning fuel by other methods.

To investigate effective means of burning of waste an experimental model of a gas generator for thermal processing of solid waste and for raw gas generator receiving of different composition was developed. The raw materials for the synthesis gas generator were used such as coal, coal dry sludge granules from seed hulls, wood chips (wood waste). Based on the spray and nishe technology burning of gaseous fuel the variants of burners were maid with different gas supplying schemes. The datas on the calculation of the gasification chamber, depending on the type of fuel were applied. The effect of the influence of a gas and air velocity on the flame consistency and completeness of combustion were received.

When burning alternative gas fuels a new approach to the organisation of the combustion process in stabilized tupe burners with using separate or combined combustion feed components and means of intensification of mixing and burning fuel was work out. This organization provides combustion process control combustion of waste fuels energy and alternative fuels, depending on the type of fuel and operating conditions of the object. In the basis of design burner is put the very sleek body - collectors stabilizers (modules), which provided self regulating of the fuel-air mixture composition in the flame. high constancy of burning, efficient combustion of waste and alternative gaseous fuels and reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides.

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