Кардіокомплекс плоду

The Multipurpose hardware and software system of non-invasive diagnostic with synergetic approach to therapies and with diagnostic and therapeutic sign validation

Макетний зразок три частотного вимірювача всіх параметрів повного опору провідникових об’єктів  на частотах 20, 100 і 500 кГц.

Based on the analysis of existing tools and methods oftherapy justified technical performance requirements of amultifunctional complex therapy. Methods for the formation ofelectromagnetic fields, which take into account the low-frequency resonant nature of physico- shemical and biological processes in the body systems, individual organs, cells and molecules. Presents views on the furtherdevelopment of physical therapy at the molecular andcellular level. The principles of construction of the basicunits of multi-channel and multi-stage inductor generator forextended range 1 Hz ...