Theoretical principles of constructing intelligent scalable computer systems for the critical objects monitoring

The main idea of ​​the approach used in the project is to create a fundamentally new architecture for intelligent scalable software and hardware for monitoring critical objects based on the use of distributed sensor networks. The main focus of the research is on the important scientific and technical problems of analysis, verification and systematization of heterogeneous nature data. The work uses modern scientific and technical tools for processing large volumes of data, which in the literature combine the term Big Data. This concept includes, in particular, data mining methods for intelligent data processing, as well as the use of post-relay database management systems, the so-called NoSQL databases. The novelty of this approach is the result of the combination of two technologies, which allows the development of new intelligent methods of in-depth data analysis and high- performance scalable computer tools, which together will significantly improve the efficiency of the analysis and systematization of heterogeneous sensor data and, consequently, improve the quality of monitoring of different classes critical objects.
During the work, methods for scaling computer facilities for monitoring critical objects were developed, the structural schemes of components of the monitoring system scaling means, algorithms for interaction of structural elements of subsystems, were created. Appropriate algorithms have been created as part of the monitoring system. The method of control of the components of the information monitoring system and methods of classification of sensor data in the structure of the intellectual data processing subsystem is developed. The developed methods and approaches can be used for creation of information monitoring and information-analytical systems aimed at operational monitoring of objects of observation in various subject areas.

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