The research of the resistance and effectiveness of information security cryptographic algorithms and their implementations using additional data

The purpose of the work is to improve, develop and create new effective methods and procedures of constructing and evaluating the effectiveness of cryptographic attacks with additional data on information security systems, obtaining estimates of information security systems resistance against such attacks, as well as new methods for determining directions and ways to improve hardware and software implementations of IT-security algorithms that take into account the latest attacks that use side channel information, failures data, the performing time of some operations, energy consumption and

Algebraic-probabilistic methods of investigation of cryptographic algorithms and protocols resistans and effectiveness

The purpose of work consists in development and improvement probabilistic for algebra methods of research of cryptographic transformations, analysis of symmetric and asymmetric algorithms of enciphering, methods of avtentifikacii, cryptographic protocols, taking into account the last achievements of kriptologii and application of results for the estimation of firmness and efficiency of modern kriptosistem and cryptographic protocols, improvement of methods of cryptographic priv.