Сценарний аналіз

Construction of Information-Analytical Platform for Scenario Analysis Based on Large Volumes of Weakly Structured Data

The research was aimed at creating an information-analytical platform that provides the conduct of scenario analysis for social, economic, ecological processes in complex systems with human factor, using deep analysis methods of large volumes of weakly structured data, aggregated from different sources, and expert approaches of

Development of the information-analytical foresight system for social disasters caused by catastrophes and terrorism

An information-analytical foresight system was developed for the problem of social disasters. This system is based on using scenario analysis methodology for timely detection of reasons, modeling, study and mitigation of consequences of social disasters, caused by different reasons, particularly catastrophes and terrorism.

Development of the information-expert foresight system with extended analytics of unstructured data

A methodological and methodical toolkit of information-expert foresight system for processing unstructured information was developed, which includes the development of approaches to the analysis of unstructured data for the foresight platform and development of methods for determining the semantic coloring for pieces of unstructured information.