Ріферт В.Г.

Cascade centrifugal vaporizers for the devices of water of new generation treatment

The comparative tests of multi-stage centrifugal distillers are conducted with two types of heat-pumps – mechanical steam compressor and thermo-electric heat-pump, advantages and lacks of their use are certain in the systems of life-support for space aircrafts with a crew onboard. Developed and executed measures on modernization of construction and separate elements of centrifugal distiller and thermo-electric heat-pump, that allowed to promote efficiency of their work.

Intensification of heat exchange during chladones condensation and their composites inwardly pipes and channels including mini- and microchannels

Experimental research of heat exchange is conducted during condensation of water, chladone of R-141b and mixtures of chladones of R-22 and R-407С in a horizontal pipe with the passive intensifiers of heat exchange – wire rings and wire longitudinal scope at the circular, расслоенном and asymmetric flow of phases. The field of temperatures is measured in the vertical section of the thick-walled test area, passing through circular intensifiers.