Technology and equipment for thermal distillation of liquid waste in closed life support systems

A new technology for obtaining clean water from liquid waste in closed life support systems and equipment for its implementation has been developed. The main elements of the system are the original centrifugal distiller (CD), which ensures the efficiency of the system at arbitrary orientation of gravity, as well as weightlessness, with intensified heat and mass transfer processes and thermoelectric heat pump, which reduces the specific energy consumption of the system.

Heat and mass transfer during condensation of water steam from the products of combustion on the surface of profilled finning tubes

Full-scale development in Ukraine of a huge potential for energy saving due to the utilization of the heat of exhaust gases of industrial power and technological units that use hydrocarbon fuels is impossible without deep cooling of these gases in condensing heat exchangers.

Intensification of heat exchange during chladones condensation and their composites inwardly pipes and channels including mini- and microchannels

Experimental research of heat exchange is conducted during condensation of water, chladone of R-141b and mixtures of chladones of R-22 and R-407С in a horizontal pipe with the passive intensifiers of heat exchange – wire rings and wire longitudinal scope at the circular, расслоенном and asymmetric flow of phases. The field of temperatures is measured in the vertical section of the thick-walled test area, passing through circular intensifiers.