Bezrodny M.K.

Hydrodynamics and heatmass trasfer in the contact heat utilizator of gas-droplet type

Scientific work is devoted to experimental research, aimed at improving the efficiency of contact heat and mass transfer units by increasing the interfacial surface of heat and mass transfer during the liquid spraying by centrifugal nozzles, implementation of which results in significant savings of material and energy resources.

Hydrodinamics and heat-mass exchange in steam-gas-fluid bubble exchangers

The theory of processes of hydrodynamics and heat and mass transfer is developed at a direct contact liquid and gas phases in the special terms of running bubbling layer, worked out by authors, that will be realized at a simultaneous serve in the tubular reactor of smoke gases and cooling water. In such reactor in the conditions of a limit space the relative high-rate of gas and liquid will be realized at providing of intensive interfusion of the last and continuous taking of the heated liquid from the active zone of reactor.