Elaboration of scientific fundamentals of building of microcontroller power sources for creation of the new technology of information protection in computer systems

As the result of research work a comparative analysis of existing security systems of microprocessor-based systems was made with aim to identify their disadvantages and improvement prospects. Existing microcontrollers were explore with aim to protection from readers on current consumption are researched and to determine the real security of high end microcontrollers and suggest ways to improve it. The algorithm of discrete wavelet analysis and spectral analysis in polar coordinates was further developed. A new wavelet transform in polar coordinates is offered.  The new methods and devices of information protection in microcontrollers from non-destructive attacks by modifying the current consumption are developed. Algorithms of work of power supplies with protection on a consumption current, in particular, algorithms of computing of integrated factor in polar coordinates for identification of commands in real time, the software of definition level of security memory programs of microcontrollers are development; the new methods and algorithms of the wavelet -analysis with the set number of high-frequency filters to research the current consumption of the microcontroller;  the databases of time dependences of current consumption for each instruction of the microcontroller and their spectrums in various bases are generated. Overall performance of the power supplies of the microcontrollers and developed algorithms and devices is researched in work. The results of work will be used for development of the computer and microp