Tereschenko Tatyana O.

Theoretical principles of processing of discrete functions with a modular argument and their use for monitoring of human biotelemetric data under emergency situations

The research is aimed to creating of new methods for digital data processing in real time, transmission of the signals under the noise conditions, application of ontological decision-making systems for reducing the time of determining the critical human state and applying an emergency care.

Development of scientific fundamentals of building of multi-level voltage inverters for alternative power sources in the system Smart Grid

New conception of building of industrial multi-level autonomous invertors on the base of spectral orthogonal transforms of discrete functions with m-ary argument and m-ary counting system. Means and devices to compensate reactive load power for autonomous multi-level invertors are developed. Method for building of energy-supply systems on the base of multi-level invertors and parallel filter-compensating devices is proposed. Structure of power part and control system of three-phase autonomous invertors and system for providing of assigned value of non-symmetry factor are developed.

Elaboration of scientific fundamentals of building of microcontroller power sources for creation of the new technology of information protection in computer systems

As the result of research work a comparative analysis of existing security systems of microprocessor-based systems was made with aim to identify their disadvantages and improvement prospects. Existing microcontrollers were explore with aim to protection from readers on current consumption are researched and to determine the real security of high end microcontrollers and suggest ways to improve it. The algorithm of discrete wavelet analysis and spectral analysis in polar coordinates was further developed.