Research and application methods of cryptanalysis of unilateral cryptographic transformations in classical and quantum computing model.

Cryptanalytical methods of one-way mappings are modified and developed in classical and quantum computational model. New statistical criteria are proposed for evaluation of random and pseudorandom generators’ quality. Security evaluation methods against differential and linear cryptanalysis are developed for non-Markov symmetric block ciphers with their structural specific taken into consideration. Upper bounds of average probabilities of integral differentials are estimated for some classes of mappings. Probabilistic properties of events are investigated in cryptanalysis of keystream overlapping with intensive usage. New estimates, conditions and features are proposed for lightweight cryptography with time/memory/security tradeoffs. Modified cubic attack for Halka cipher are proposed and implemented.
New parameters and features are described for cryptographic methods of cloud security computations. Applicability of algebraic methods are evaluated in quantum model, also as their implementation to security estimation of specific cryptosystems in different computational models. Proposed methods and algorithms are implemented in software.

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