Universal multifunctional mobile robotic complex with high passability, maneuverability and durability

A package of applied programs for calculating and designing a mobile robotic complex based on a chassis of high cross-country ability with a wheel-walking twin-rollers driver. Effective methods for solving a number of applied problems are proposed, in particular, analytical and numerical modelling of chassis’s dynamics during overcoming obstacles with comparable sizes; identification of loads applied to chassis’ parts by numerical methods or by values of corresponding sensors; predicting the residual life of parts under intense external loads. A new approach to design of parts is also presented, taking into account topological optimization for subsequent "supportless" additive production. The parametrized three-dimensional model and the corresponding program for calculating geometric parameters and on the strength of parts (using modern techniques) of a compact crank-planetary gearbox, which is a part of a chassis’s drive with active wheeled blocks, has also been developed. The corresponding calculation programs were formed in a single and user-friendly software package that significantly reduces the time for designing and optimizing wheeled/wheel-walking chassis for robotic systems and their drives. A new method for determining the location of the chassis using a vision system that allows the creation of an autonomous navigation system, incl. for its use in the field, has been developed. The existing algorithm of the technical vision system based on the contour analysis is also improved.

Packages of design documentation for a mobile chassis with a wheel-walking twin-rollers driver and designed for this chassis manipulator with six degrees of freedom, as well as a crank-planetary gearbox with a symmetrical design and a through central shaft have been created. Based on this documentation, prototypes of chassis, manipulator and gearbox were manufactured. A laboratory mini-stand has also been developed to test the proposed approaches to image processing and object recognition in real time.

Дослідний зразок роботизованого комплексу  з колісно-крокуючим двокотковим рушієм
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