The formation of phase composition, structure of FePd, FePt films – magnetic recording media and storage information of high density

Scientific bases of formation nanoscale thermally stable films on the basis of FePd, FePt with hard magnetic L1о phase are created. The new scientific approach concerning application of mechanical stress in nanoscale films on the basis of FePt and FePd for management in temperature of chemical ordering, is offered by formation of phase composition, structure and magnetic properties. At deposition of films by methods of physical condensation to supervise an initial stress in Fe 50 Pt 50 layer of Fe 50 Pt 50 /Ме/Fe 50 Pt 50 film composition where Me - (Au, Ag, Cu) is possible by change of a thickness, quantity of additional layers of metal, their location, substrate type (SiO 2 (100 nm)/ Si(001) or Al 2 O 3 ), speed of heating and annealing atmosphere (vacuum, nitrogen, Ar + 3 at. % H and H 2 ).
The practical recommendations concerning the control of processes of chemical ordering are developed at solid-phase reactions of А1 → L1о at the expense of change of level and a sign on mechanical stress in films. Nanoscale films on the basis of FePt and FePd with the lowered temperature of L1о phase formation and the raised thermal stability of phase composition and structure, and also the improved magnetic properties higher H c,, M s , M r,, orientation of easy с-axis magnetization with perpendicular, or in parallel a film plane are received. The application of these films as magnetic recording medial allow increase the magnetic recording density by HAMR method and stability of storage of the information.

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