Creation of theoretical principles of an integrated system of early diagnosis and prediction of the development of vibration disease symptoms

On the basis of technology TONTOR reasonably new principles of integrated combination of sensors BTO system that will allow not only the early detection of disease, but also carry out preventive measures to detect vibration characteristics.

The formalized analytical model definition and registration violations vibration characteristics of the system object biotechnical the speed of the transition process and its configuration, which reflect the dynamics of normal mobility object and possible violations of the kinematics motion biotechnical facility, providing analytical reflection and analysis of recorded physical fields in the mass of objects and match trast to the unstable state of the object, on the basis of multi information signals from the integrated TONTOR sensor that has not been solved in the world of science and practice instrument are created.

Principles of multiparameter monitoring system fluid state BTO will determine the spatial and temporal characteristics of the vibration characteristics of the disease, and theoretical principles that form the basis of these developments into account changes consistent evaluation zones biotech presence of objects that need to improve the reliability of diagnosis and treatment; technical advice on the operation sensors in a clinical setting; method of improving measurement accuracy sensors; methodology of experimental work on application of registration information signals from BTO, which can be used when setting sensors integrated diagnostic system are offered.

The basic circuit design variants of the basic units and peripheral units of TONTOR multi-sensor; earlier diagnosis modules signs of diseases with vibration features are determined.

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